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How soon should I order my cake?

It is normal to book your wedding cake  6 months to 9 months in advance. However if you want to be organised for your big day then feel free to get in touch any time, some brides like to book more than a year in advance.  If you are short of time then it may be more difficult to find a professional cake decorator able to craft your cake. It is sometimes possible to make celebration cakes and cupcakes at short notice. I am always happy to try and help.


How much does a cake cost?

This is a difficult question to answer as cakes come in so many different sizes and styles. A three tier wedding cake usually starts at £275 for a 10inch 8inch and 6inch, but depending on your budget and your requirements this can be less or more.


Celebration cakes  start at £75 with a simple decoration, two tier celebration cakes start at £120 Carved cakes start at £120.


Cupcakes  with a simple decoration start at £2.50 For an accurate price please contact me with your requirements.


All these prices are 'approximate prices, as the final price depends on the size and detail required. No matter what your budget contact us and we will try to work within that.


How big should my wedding cake be?

 This can depend on the amount of guests coming to your wedding. As a rough guide a 6 " 8" and 10" cake would be suitable for around 60 guests. Whether you want a bigger cake, or a smaller cake, we can always work to your number of guests. We can do this by either supplying a cutting cake if your cake will not be big enough or if you want a large cake but not a lot of cake we can add dummy cakes for one or more tiers.


What will my cake be like?

Cakes can come in so many different styles that this will really depend on what you like. What colours will suit my day? Am I having a traditional or funky cake? Browse through my pictures, magazines or even get inspiration from a favourite ornament or picture. The options are endless.


What will my cake taste like?

The most popular cakes are vanilla, chocolate and fruit. Cakes can be made in so many flavour combinations that the options really are endless. Have a tier of each for a variety? Fancy something different then try candyfloss for a fun theme cake or toffee? Or if you want to have your favourite flavours then just ask. Dietary needs can usually be catered for. Ingredients are bought locally in and around Swansea and are always of the best quality.


Should I have dummy cakes ?

If you have ever thought of having a dummy cake, I have a number of these available, no pictures are posted as I don't want to spoil your big day. A cutting cake could be provided and no one will know your beautiful cake is not real.Contact me for more details. You can also add dummy tiers into your wedding cake for the look of a large cake but without having too much cake on the day.





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